Do you work with brand new sellers?
Yes we do and we WELCOME you with open arms.  

How do I get started, are you accepting new clients?
Yes, we are currently accepting new clients.  Simply fill out the new client form at the top of the page.  Feel free to email us with additional questions contact@oneprepdirect.com, and you are on your way!!!

What is your turnaround time on shipping out product?
Normally once a week

What’s the advantage of “Simple Pricing”?
Who likes sticker shock?  No one…  that’s who…  Our goal is to provide a transparent pricing system and that’s how we came up with Simple Pricing. It allows you to know up front how much you will have to pay. One low price! 

Is there a minimum amount of product we can send in?
There are no limits to how many products you send in. You can send as little or as much as you like.  We don’t even limit the number of different UPCs you send. We have full time staff and the facilities to accommodate you and your business, even in Q4.  We are here to help get your business to the next level, not hinder you. 

Do you accept sellers of all size?
Yes! Whether you ship 100 or 10,000 items per month, we want to work with you! 

How do we pay for your services?
You can put a credit card on file to allow your product to ship as soon as they are completed or paypal and will be shipped when invoice is paid (we invoice daily).

Do you accept Pallets?
Yes, we have 3 loading Docks to accept all of your orders. 

Do you accept items from Liquidation Companies?
No. At this time we do not take anything but BRAND NEW products (with the exception of books). 

Do you require user permissions?
Yes, we do.  Our goal is to get your shipment to Amazon.com as fast as possible. User permissions access will allow us to print our own product labels, enter weight, print shipping labels, then complete shipment.  

Do you hold shipments?
 Yes, free for 2 weeks. 

If I order multiple items from different locations, that are due to arrive at your facility around the same time, can I add all items to the same shipping plan?
Yes, absolutely! Just give us a heads up and we will handle the rest. 

What’s the Benefit of using a tax-free warehouse?

New Hampshire does not impose a sales tax or a use tax. All items ordered online and sent directly to us will be Tax Free, no matter which state you order from.

It pays for itself using One Prep Direct.

Look at this example: Spend on average $5,000.00 a month on product

Average Buy Price is $15.00

That is about 33 items per month

With an average tax rate of 8% that means the savings will be $400.00

Using a Tax-Free State Simply pays for itself Use Our Staff, Our Warehouse, Our Expertise to Build your Business!