Amazon Returns

We know and we know how costly and problematic returns can be on your business.

One Prep Direct is now accepting returns.

With this program, you will remove the items from your inventory and send to our warehouse.  When your items arrive, we will do a brief visual inspection, plug in to see power, and rate the condition of the items (sellable, non-sellable, new, like new, good, acceptable and box condition).  We will then let us know what to do with it, resend back to amazon,  hold for Ebay sale, donate, dispose or send back to you (you provide shipping label).

The cost is 1.45 per item and the cost what you would like to do with the item.  Donation and dispose is currently free.  Sending back to, shipping back to you or shipping as a FBM is a additional 1.45 per unit.

Please note we are not responsible for the outcome of any item.  We do visual testing and we do not guarantee any final class, value or outcome.  Return of any glass, glasswear or ceramics has a 70-95% chance delivered to us broken.  We will not separate it from non-broken items (the box and contents will be disposed automatically)