About Us

About Us

One Prep Direct started when the FBA Sisters started reminiscing about the old days. Lugging all the new products into our kitchens, having so much stuff in there that no one could move, spending all day bagging, bundling and labeling; then lugging the 50 pound boxes back out to the car to drive 30 minutes to the UPS store.

At that time we realized, there had to be a better way.  So we went to work finding a solution.

We obtained a beautiful 5000 square foot warehouse, hired the best, most amazingly reliable people, and put systems in place to get our inventory in and out in less than 24 hours.

Our process is simple, organized, and accurate…and it is now available to you and your company. We strive to get your products in and out within a 24 hour period and we exceed Amazon’s packing guidelines. Our secure warehouse is video monitored 24/7 and your product is insured while is it in our possession. Apply today! Availability is limited.

Amy Sproule has over 20 years of small business experience in addition to 10 years of online merchant selling experience. Starting out as a small time eBayer, she came upon selling on amazon.com at the suggestion of her sister. Amy has since taken the amazon world by storm, having already surpassed a million dollars in sales (US sales). Amy is currently selling in the USA, Canada and the UK. Amy has become an expert on key words, listing new items, and international sales.
Pam Paul’s journey is truly a rags to riches story. Pam started selling on amazon.com as a dare. In less than 2 months, Pam went from total newbie to being able to quit her full time job of 25 years at a major university, in order to keep building her empire; and build her empire she has. Pam hit the 300k mark with less than 16 months in the business. Pam is also an award winning professional photographer. Pam lends her skills in this area to help photograph products that come through One Prep Direct.