21 Jul 2017
July 21, 2017

How To Keep Receipts Organized!

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Hi One Prep Direct Friends!

Receipts are so so so important! They are needed for accounting, returns and much much more!

This is one way we keep receipts organized in our warehouse!

  1. At the start of each day, we open boxes and bags and organize everything out on our warehouse tables. While organizing we take out receipts and put them in one pile in a safe place for the day! 
  2. Once we print the order for the day and get it completed, boxes packed, weighed and everything written down, we take the order form, the receipts and put them in one file folder (can be purchased on Amazon, or any big retail store) with the date of the day.
  3. We put the file in chronological order with the rest in a file folder storage box that we label with the year!
  4. If we need to do a return or to check something, we just go back to the day we shipped and all of the information is right there, nice and neat!

This receipt organization saves us time and money so we are not fumbling around looking for receipts! An organized warehouse is a happy, successful one!

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