Hi all!

My name is Taylor and I started working for One Prep Direct in early October! I had just decided to change my major in college as a sophomore from nursing to business: marketing and analytics. I was not even intending to find a job in the business field but here I am working for two of the best business owners I know! Everyday I am thankful for the new opportunities given to me at One Prep Direct and love working with our clients to best meet their needs!

I, also love that I get to learn from my bosses everyday! They are two of the greatest women I know and have so much knowledge to offer! I did not even know what FBA stood for, what a third party seller was or that this little Amazon world was even a thing!

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, camping, snowboarding, kayaking and eating good food!

I am so so so happy at my job and have fun at work every day! I can say with all truth that this is the best job I have ever had! I can not wait see what else I learn here at One Prep Direct!


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