We are excited to announce that we are opening a new warehouse in NEW HAMPSHIRE!  This is awesome news for you, and let us tell you why:

New Hampshire is a Tax Free state, so if you are doing any online sourcing, using our prep service will pay for itself.  How?  Say you’re buying 500 items online at $18/ea.  Tax on those 500 items is $630.  Prep on those 500 items is $625, so you are investing that money otherwise spent on tax in having someone else do your prep work for you!

Our NH warehouse has 3 loading docks ready to accept your pallets. If you are purchasing wholesale, ordering 200 lbs makes things cheaper by a significant cost.  Problem is, you need someplace to deliver it too.  Do you really want that delivered to your house?

And if you do have it delivered to your house, how long is it going to take you to prep all that yourself?  How much time does that take away from other things you need to do to grow and run you business? We offer a 24-48 hr turnaround time for all your product, making it ready to be sold and quicker than you can do it yourself.

Another thing that our new NH warehouse offers is the ability for long term storage of your products.  We’ve got 10,000 square feet ready to take on your products

Sign up for our services by July 15th and we’ll waive the $99 sign up fee!  What are you waiting for?



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